Early release from superstar Tüzün

Superstar Sibel Tüzün, the representative of Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, couldn’t wait for her album to be released and she released a single which contains songs from the album which will be in music stores this autumn.

Sibel Tüzün, the well known Turkish singer, released a single earlier than expected. According to her interviews, she was preaparing an album which will be released in autumn 2008 but " I couldn’t wait until the autumn and I wanted people to enjoy and dance with my songs this summer" she says.

This special single includes two catchy songs: " Aç Telefonu" and " Yaz Aşkı". These two songs will also be on the album which Sibel will release again this autumn. She also declared that the songs in R&B style were not as good as they were and she used this situation as a reason to release the single.

It’s also known that she will change her image and music style with the new album and so she will dye her hair red and the album will be in the R&B style. That means her fans will not be watching the old Sibel style.


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Source: EuroVisionary, Sibel Tüzün.com, Sibel Tuzun.net
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