Donna & Joe feature in new RTE charity show

It’s been a whie since the brother and sister duo have appeared on TV screens in Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter, but now they’re back.  The red head pair will compete in RTE’s latest charity show over the next two weeks.

In Kyiv in 2005 Donna & Joe McCaul could only manage a 13th place finish in the semi-final but they’ll be looking to improve their track record by winning ‘Failte Towers’ a celebrity charity show based on eighties BBC comedy ‘Fawlty Towers’.  It should be stated that ‘Failte’ is the Irish word for Welcome which probably makes more sense to our non Irish speaking readers.  12 "celebrities" will face the task of running a hotel for over two weeks with only the help of three hospitality industry experts for help.

24-hour room service, catering for 25 people twice daily and cleaning all rooms every morning are just some of the things likely to push the contestants to the limit of their sanity.  Other celebrities that are due to compete are Brian Dowling (Big Brother 2 winner), Evelyn Cusack (RTE weather woman), Claire Tully (Page 3 model) and Jennifer Maguire (The Apprentice 2008 candidate).

The show comes in a long line of RTE celebrity based programming. The powers that be at RTE have already let celebrities run a farm and a radio station, and they’ve also banished a bunch of "well known" people to the wilds of Connemara for a week to tough it out and face a series of challenging trials.

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