Does Donny Montell manage to persuade us that love is blind?

Love is blind sings Donny Montell during his rehearsal, showing that he believes in the fairytale of his melodic love ballad. We would however recommend you not to listen to Donny’s words but to listen to this belter of a performance.

Donny Montell got off to a rather shaky start for Lithuania, sounding more like an uncertain teenager who wants to declare his feelings to a girl he quite clearly loves. His number began set against a backdrop of piercing blues against blacks, with blue spotlights on an otherwise naked stage with Donny standing there completely alone, just like in the national final. From the start of the slow introduction, we see the talented young singer standing in a black hoodie top with promotion of his entry on the front of it and brown pants. He is also wearing the trademark blindfold which also many undoubtedlt will recall from the national final. He has however jazzed his blindfold up considerably, adding a touch of glitz with crystals especially for Eurovision!

Once the disco beats kicked in however, Donny tore off his blindfold, throwing it to the floor and suddenly the whole backdrop came alive with silhouettes of party girls against a white backdrop boogying away to this soulful number. The sound was jacked up quite a few levels as the thumping beats worked their magi. The spectacular flip he does following the opening of the song was spot on, and despite the exertion it must cause, it has to be said, he delivered an impeccable performance. There really is no faulting this young man’s vocal abilities. He seems to have kept a lot of the same choreography (or lack of it) from the national final – with such a blaring disco numbe, you’d expect really more action on stage. Donny brings the number to a close by bowing his head, once more reiterating that indeed love is blind for dramatic effect as a curtain closes behind him on the gigantic backdrop.

As first rehearsals go, Lithuania can be very content with Donny’s efforts. We have however seen quite a number of disco tunes performed at the contest before (remember Finland and Sweden 2002 anyone?) which viewers inexplicably fail to go for. Could young mister Montell buck the trend and give Lithuania their second successive final placing? His late performance spot in semi final 2 could well work in his favour and open up the eyes to many a viewer tuned in for the evening. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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