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Sabina Babayeva is back with a new single

Sabina Babayeva the Azerbaijani entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 has just released a new single Sevgi Nəğməmiz (Love Song). The release of the song was put on hold for a year but has finally been released for all to hear. The song has heavy bossanova overtones and she sings convincingly about love .… Read more

Open air Eurovision party on 12th of June in Moscow

Moscow is preparing for a big open air Eurovision party to be held on the 12th of June. On the guest lists we find the Swedish winner Loreen together with names such as the Russian Buranovskie Babushki and the Azerbaijani Sabina Babayeva and also previous participants. A big party is going to take place in the capital… Read more

Maya Sar: doesn’t want to lose her love in Eurovision

Did Maya Sar manage to impress with her classic perfomance on the second rehearsal? Almost nothing has been changed since Maya’s first rehearsal. Meanwhile we have to submit that Maya’s perfomance was very classic. Her black sparkling outfit matched well the black piano on the stage. The background was black with just a glimpse of… Read more

That is love… sings Ivi from Cyprus

Europe is falling in love with La La Love. The second rehearsal on stage in Baku confirmed that everbody is in love with Ivi from Cyprus. Oh la la… There’s love from Cyprus to everyone in this fascinating show made by five Cypriot girls. Today Ivi and her dancers had their second rehearsal stage. Not… Read more

Mandinga makes everybody dance even on rehearsal.

If you still haven’t sung to yourself Zaleilah by Mandinga, you have to listen to the second rehearsal by Romania and dance. The second rehearsal by the Romania participants has been improved a lot. There were five guys on the stage in white outfits, Elena was dressed in black blouse and orange skirt. There was a trumpet man… Read more

Does Donny Montell manage to persuade us that love is blind?

Love is blind sings Donny Montell during his rehearsal, showing that he believes in the fairytale of his melodic love ballad. We would however recommend you not to listen to Donny’s words but to listen to this belter of a performance. Donny Montell got off to a rather shaky start for Lithuania, sounding more like… Read more

Anri Jockadze’s performance wasn’t a joke

"I’m a joker", sang Anri Jokhazde in his rehearsal at the same time, hoping that his performance wasn’t a joke and journalists will take him seriously. Anri Jokhadze started his perfomance on a catwalk singing as an opera singer in Georgian. In couple of seconds the background had red sparkling balls as Anri started to sing. There were… Read more

Would you be the guest of Ukraine?

Gaitana sings "Take my hand and be my guest". Would her dream come true? We would like to wish that not just words. Let’s watch her latest rehearsal in Baku and think about whether it is worth being a Ukrainian guest. There were four moveable screens on the stage and when they were opened a guy in white… Read more

Jedward performed above the waterline

How close is Jedward to the waterline? We can check it out by their rehearsal today. Jedward were in sparkly blue outfits with 2 girls and 2 boys singing in the background. They started rehearsal singing without the music and as the music started there were blue lights and currents of water in the background.The… Read more

Would you be a fan of Iris?

Iris goes into the fire in the land of fire and takes to the stage in Baku. Would the tender ballad by youngster Iris acheive a good result? Young Iris took to the stage to have her first run through of the song Would You in Baku. Dressed in a casual white outfit consisting of… Read more

Rona Nishliu certainly isn’t crying when on stage

Albania have sent an entry to this year’s contest full of drama and emotion, with an artist in possession of an amazing voice But has Rona Nishliu got what it takes to be counted amongst the winner candidates? Rona’s voice has attracted a lot of attention, making people reach for superlatives in order to describe… Read more

Eurovision fan club Concert was held in Baku Sunday evening

The Azerbaijani fan club had arranged a big concert in Baku for Sunday evening. The well attended concert inpressed the audience by the many invited Eurovision Song Contest celebrities and various presents from the fan club. On April the 29th the concert arranged by the Eurovision Fan Club in Azerbaijan was held open air in… Read more