Overwhelming experience and inspiration in the Eurovision Song Contest

All dreams come true when you are a part of Eurovision Song Contest family and love your work.  This is my first time at a Eurovision Song Contest and I want to share my experience with you.

"Eurovision Song Contest"- that sounds so cool and when
its going to be held in your Motherland it’s even close to a fairy tale.
Azerbaijan has been waiting for this for the whole year. When it was announced that
we would hold this song contest here and represent and promote our country as well,
everybody were celebrating so joyfully. It was late night here and people gathered in the
very centre, driving cars with our flag, and shouting. Everybody was
extremely happy. It’s an amazing feeling when music can unite people from
different countries and can make them be a big Eurovision family as well.

The greatest feeling when you are waiting for this incredible
event for a year and this year runs so fast and here we are waiting for the final show. All The Eurovision
fans from Europe finally in my country. The first thought which came to my mind
when I met my team and stepped to Crystal Hall was an overwhelming inspiration
that I’m a part of this awesome show and I’m not a stranger to the Eurovision team but a very close friend already. It’s not just words when we come here, we
write an article, we support our participants, we enjoy the company of being
with each other and we are really happy about watching and predicting which of
the participants is the best and who might win this year. We can talk about this
day by day not getting bored because Eurovision is fresh air for us and music is our

That’s an interesting combination when you have Eurovision in your
home country and you don’t need to travel. But the main spicy feature
about it that when you are around such different people from various
countries who are here with you to share the same feeling is like being always in
love with music.  You just really enjoy their company and try to describe our customs, you compare your mentality and life style with other people.
It’s such a great experience. You might go to Europe as a tourist , but you would
just go sightseeing and buy some souvenirs for your family, but working in one
place with various kinds of people from different countries, watch them doing
their best in press conference, helping each other its quite a big comparison
with just travelling.

I have been working for the second week and all schedules are so
interesting that hours run like minutes. Finally, we are so close to the final
mesmerising show. For all journalists it’s like taking care of a baby who is
going to make its first step for its future. It’s you who is responsible for bringing
objective information while always being creative and logical about your articles and
reviews, and always to surprise participants with your extraordinary questions during the

I’m so excited about meeting famous people, participants who are
very friendly with you and treat you as you are a good friend of them. They say
that noble people are very simple and never arrogant with ordinary people, so
that’s very true.

You might say that this sounds like paradise, well you have to work
hard to make your work to be not hard but instead be great fun for you. Bill Gates once said you have to
find work that will never be work for you, but an enormous pleasure to come here, to return back many times and gather all nations making them
inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest year by year. 


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