Dana runs for election again – All Kinds of Everything as Irish president?

The Irish diva Dana Rosemary Scallon, who gave the country its first, out of seven victories, at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 with the very well known song All Kinds of Everything, is running to be Irish president. Will she make it?

Dana Rosemary Scallon is one of the all time favourites for the Eurovision fans as she set in motion a chain of wins that would secure Ireland’s place in the Eurovision record books

Dana is not new to Irish politics as she started in mid 1990s, resulting in a third place in the 1997 elections, where she however was the highest placed independent candidate. She won
nearly 14% of the vote and this became the launch pad to her future
European plans. She became a member of the European Parliament in 1999, but unfortunately she lost her seat in the elections of 2004 winning only 13.5% of the vote.

She decided to continue in politics where she wants to be the third female president in the history of the Republic of Ireland – and the second from Northern Ireland. Dana will race as an independent politician. We all will know the results on Thursday, 27 October 2011.

As a singer 60 year old Dana has so far released more than 30 albums in the period from 1970 to 2011.

Below you can watch All Kinds of Everything performing by Dana. 


2011 Irish presidential election

Source: EuroVisionary, eurovision.tv
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