The complete running order for Melodifestivalen 2009!

On the 7th of February it’s time for the first Swedish semi-final. And now, the running order is finally official. Debutant Nina Söderquist opens the 1st semi-final in Gothenburg. And it is another debutant, Malena Ernman, that closes the 4th semi-final in Malmö.

This is the running order for Melodifestivalen 2009:

Semi-final 1, Göteborg
1. Nina Söderquist, Tick Tock
2. Jonathan Fagerlund, Welcome To My Life
3. Shirley Clamp, Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus (With the heart filled with light)
4 Scotts, Jag tror på oss (I belive in us)
5. Emilia, You´re My World
6. Alcazar, Stay The Night
7. Caroline af Ugglas, Snälla, snälla (Please, Please)
8. Marie Serneholt, Disconnect Me

Semi-final 2, Skellefteå
1. Lili & Susie, Show Me Heaven
2. Lasse Lindh och Bandet, Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter! (I will fight in your neigbourhood)
3. Jennifer Brown, Never Been Here Before
4. H.E.A.T, 1000 Miles
5. Markoolio, Kärlekssång från mig (A lovesong from me)
6. Amy Diamond, It’s My Life
7. Cookies ’n Beans, What If
8. Måns Zelmerlöw, Hope & Glory

Semi-final 3, Leksand
1. Velvet, The Queen
2. Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox, I Got U
3. Molly Sandén, Så vill stjärnorna (The stars wants it that way)
4. E.M.D., Baby Goodbye
5. Mikael Rickfors, Du vinner över mig! (You will win over me)
6. Maja Gullstrand, Här för mig själv (Here by myself)
7. Sofia, Alla (All)
8. BWO, You’re Not Alone

Semi-final 4, Malmö
1. Agnes, Love Love Love
2. Star Pilots, Higher
3. Susanne Alfvengren, Du är älskad där du går (You are loved)
4. Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng, Killing Me Tenderly
5. Thorleifs, Sweet Kissin’ In The Moonlight
6. Sarah Dawn Finer, Moving On
7. Next 3, Esta noche
8. Malena Ernman, La voix

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