The competition for a wild card starts!

About 175 entries will be online for the public at from Wednesday the 14th of october to Thursday the 12th of november. The winner, decided by SMS-voting, will take one of the 32 places in Melodifestivalen 2010.

The total number of entries sent to SVT for the web wild card competition was 246. After a review of the entries from SVT there is now about 175 entries that will be available on the website. Entries were the authors was connected to a publisher, or in any way had published material on any kind of media, has been removed. Furthermore entries whose technical quality (sound, light, and picture) has been found too low has been removed and so has also entries with a content that can be found as offensive or who are not in the line
with SVT:s ordinary demands according to the regulations of Melodifestivalen 2010.

The voting results for the competition will be updated on a continuous basis and can be followed at

The total number of web wild cards together with the 2614 regular songs submitted
means a total of 2860 songs.
The number of songs submitted to Melodifetivalen since 1995:

1995           600 entries
1996        1 475 entries
1997        1 223 entries
1998        1 126 entries
1999        1 315 entries
2000        1 394 entries
2001        1 567 entries
2002        1 830 entries
2003        2 630 entries
2004        3 228 entries
2005        3 131 entries
2006        3 326 entries
2007        3 234 entries
2008        3 434 entries
2009        3 440 entries
2010        2 860 entries

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