Can Charlotte do the double? Result from Sweden

Sweden has chosen Charlotte Perelli and the song Hero to represent them at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The public preferred Sanna Nielsen, but the jury ended up having the deciding factor – and they went for Charlotte. EuroVisionary has updated you all evening and here is the total result.

The TV viewers preferred Sanna Nielsen, but the jury had Charlotte so much ahead of Sanna that it ended up being them deciding the winner.  

Points from Jury:

Charlotte Perelli – 114 points
Rongedal – 76 points
Sanna Nielsen – 74 points
BWO – 70 points
Linda Bengtzing – 64 points
Sibel – 39 points
Amy Diamond – 25 points
Frida feat. Headline – 6 points
Nordman – 4 points
Christer Sjögren – 1 point

Points from Public:

Sanna Nielsen 132 points
Charlotte Perelli 110 points
BWO – 88 points
Rongedal – 66 points
Nordman – 44 points
Christer Sjögren – 22 points
Amy Diamond – 11 points.

Source: SVT, EuroVisionary
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