Boris Moiseyev bids for Russian Eurovision ticket

The first openly gay singer in Russia has announced that he intends to try to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Boris Moiseyev even has a song in mind for his Eurovision bid.

Boris has decided that ‘Bambina’ will be his song of choice. "I meet a bambina [little girl] and told her come to Moscow, to our country, how cool it is here," he said. "I think I will definitely get in the top three with this song and my crazy show."

Boris has had several shows banned in the last few years and suffered some outrageous attacks. On tour in Siberia in 2002 he was jeered by locals, some of whom are reported to have shouted "Save our children from perverts!" "Leave Siberia for real men; perverts are for idiots!" "Gays, stay away from our city!"

The former ballet master came to prominence as part of Alla Pugacheva’s (Russia 1997) dance troupe. He started his own singing career after the KGB denied him permission to tour with the Russian diva.

‘The Moscow Times’ reported that the response on Russian web sites was “distinctly homophobic” and that one person wrote "Have they gone mad – a homsex representing Russia? We have enough shame already."

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