Belarus Launches Eurofest

With the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest still seven months away, Belarus is getting down the serious business of selecting the song to represent them in Moscow.

Between 5th October and 20th November, writers and singers will be able to submit their songs to the Eurofest project. The rules of the project state that singers must be citizens of Belarus or permanently  living in the country, while writers can be of any nationality.

Eurofest is a four part event. The first part will be the selection of the fifteen songs by a jury of professionals to go forward to a televised semi final. The second part is the semi final itself, to be broadcast live on television. During this show, two or three participants for the final will be chosen. The third part will see the singers present not only their songs, but also the stage performance. During this show, the seventh Belarusian Eurovision entry will be chosen. The final part of Eurofest will follow the winning singer during their preparations for Moscow.

The organisers of Eurofest believe the project is an opportunity for young singers to get their careers off to a great start by showing their talent to a national audience. The project started in 2006 and this year’s event will be the third of what is becoming an annual event in Belarus.


BTRC – Belarus TV

Source: BTRC, Eurovisionary
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