Armenia: After Qele, Qele, it’s Jan Jan

This evening, Armenia chose sisters, Inga & Anush Arshakyanner, to succeed Sirusho, and travel to Moscow in May with the song, Jan Jan. 2007 Eurovision Song Contest representative Hayko were a guest star in the show singing Anytime You Need

Twenty one songs competed for the right to represent Armenia in a televised final in Yerevan, the country’s capital. The winner would be decided by a combination of public and jury voting. The 21 songs were as follows:

Iren – Miayn Du
Hasmik Margaryan
The Beautified Project – Butterfly
Hay – ya – Molto Bello
Marta Bulbulyan – Yes Andari Perin Em
Inga & Anush Arshakyanner – Nor Par
Oxygen – Par Andzrevi
Artem Avun – Eternal Fire
Shprot – Lucky
Hayk Kasparov – Give An Answer
Arman Harutyunyan – Come On My Friends
Guj – Ko Dem
Lilu – Et Ari
Davit Minasyan – Kez Yergem
Mher – Heart And Soul
Dorians – Fly
Bambir – Yolk
Hripsime Hakobyan – Eli Eli
Davo – Dzerker Ver
Tigran Petrosyan – Only Time
Sergey Grigoryan – Kez Hamar

After an interval, during which Armenia’s 2007 singer, Hayko, sung Anytime You Need, the results were announced. Only the top ten were made public;

1.    Inga & Anush Arshakyanner – Jan Jan
2.    Mher – Heart And Soul
3.    Dorians – Fly
4.    Bambir – Yolk
5.    Shprot – Lucky
6.    Tigran Petrosyan – Only Time
7.    Hripsime Hakobyan – Eli Eli
8.    Hay – ya – Molto Bello
9.    Lilu – Et Ari
10.  Sergey Grigoryan – Kez Hamar

Jan Jan is sung in English and Armenian and is an ethnic style song. You can watch it below. Please note that the video looks like it is the winning reprise, and we believe Jan Jan is the winner. However, at the time of writing, AMPTV’s own site states that the winner will be announced tomorrow at 15:10 local time. If the result is different, EuroVisionary will bring you the news.


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