Are You the One, Malena?

Tomorrow evening is the premiere for Malena Ernman on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Moscow. It hasn’t been easy for Sweden in the last couple of years. Will Malena be the one that changes Sweden’s luck in this contest?

Malena Ernman is without a doubt a lady with many strings on her bow. Besides rehearsing in Moscow, she is shuttling back and fourth between Vienna and Stockholm for rehearsals and performances. According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, several other countries have expressed the opinion that it’s not acceptable to leave Moscow during the rehearsals and preparations leading up to the show tomorrow night. In Malena’s blog at she responds to the critics: ”If it were up to me, I’d of course be in Moscow the whole time”. She adds that there are just a few singers in the whole world that are able to play the roles she is playing in the operas. It’s therefore almost impossible to find a substitute . ”All of my employers have certainly done their best to help me. And they have made it possible for me to compete here in Moscow”.

Is opera the only thing for Malena? Certainly not as you might imagine. She likes to cross boundaries and is open to try almost everything as long as it’s music. You would find Malena singing everything from classical music by Grieg and Brahms, contemporary music to Jazz and musical.

But if Europe is impressed by Malena, her own children are not. They are, as a matter of fact,  not impressed with her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest at all. Malena wrote in her blog the other day that her children asked her: ”Aren’t Maja there?” Malena then explained that the artists in Moscow are the one’s that won in their own countries. ”But what about Måns? Will he be there?” When the answer to the question was no, they lost interest in the Eurovision Song Contest and the girls told their mother ”We want to watch Stay the Night by Alcazar”. It’s not easy to be one of the worlds greatest singers.

Malena will without doubt, do an amazing performance tomorrow. If Sweden doesn’t qualify tomorrow, Malena is not the one to blame. The big worry is that the overall picture (lighting, production, excellent vocals etc) are not coming together as it is meant  to. If the overall picture isn’t good, it could be Malena’s downfall. But if the Swedish delegation manages to pull this off, Malena could be the one turning Sweden’s luck in Eurovision Song Contest.

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