Annsofi, Fjellfolk and Margaret Berger through to the Melodi Grand Prix final in Norway

The second semi final of the Melodi Grand Prix took place in Florø, Norway tonight.  Seven more acts took to the stage featuring a variety of styles.  Three acts made it to the final and one more act will have a chance as a wild card to make it to the final at the Spektrum in Oslo on 9 February.

The songs:
 (You can read more about the participants in the our Get To Know article)  –

Song number 1:  Martin BlomvikDet vakje mi tid

Martin is alone to start on the stage and wearing a hooded jacket and white t-shirt.  The song has a club beat. A girl dancer joins him on stage. A strange start. A strong production on the beat of the song but it is a little repetitive.  We will have to see if the public will take to this one.  Nice to hear the Norwegian language in a dance song.

Song number 2:  Annsofi I’m with you

Annsofi performs Alexander Rybak’s atmospheric composed ballad.  She has a nice tone to her voice.  You can hear the violin in the song.  This reminds me of the Irish band, the Corrs.  Annsofi is wearing a long cream coloured dress. This must have a great chance to make it to the final.

Song number 3:  ShacklesOn hold

Shackles are wearing black. They are joined by two male dancers.  The song is a r’n’b medium paced song.  Again this has a good production but at times has a disjointed rhythm.  It is the type of song that you can imagine Beyonce performing as an album track.

Song number 4:  Hank No one

Hank is wearing a long purple shirt and holding the microphone close to his mouth. He is joined by a male guitarist and five backing vocalists. Hank has a strong rock type voice but sounds to me in pain.  The song is medium paced but I found my mind wandering during this.  A little average in my opinion.

Song number 5:  FjellfolkUlvetuva

The band begin on stage quite a distance away from each other. One male violinist and one male guitarist and the female lead vocalist in the middle. This is folk song that builds through out.  It has a simple melody. Will this have the appeal to the public to make it to the final? Nice song.

Song number 6:  Haji Shine with me

Haji is wearing a white shirt and black tie. He is joined on stage by a female and a male dancer.  Vocals sound a little strained. It is electronic medium paced dance song.  The audience seem to like this one.

Song number 7:  Margaret BergerI feed you my love

Margaret is wearing all white and is joined on stage by a male drummer.  She has very strong vocals. A hypnotic song that builds and builds. The song reminds me a little of tATu’s All The Things She Said.  Big performance and the audience liked this too. 

The show:

The presenters take to the stage. It is , Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken again. Jenny is wearing a blue dress and Erik is wearing a spotted jacket.  They get an enthusiastic welcome from the audience.

The stage and lighting is very effective for all the acts.  Another slick performance from the team at NRK. All the acts were interviewed after their performances and were asked how they think everything went.

During in the interval we are treated to a short film in Florø.  The presenters are there and we see a brass band and a girl with a Christmas outfit. 

The voting/result:

The lines were opened straight away at the beginning of the show again and all the acts relevant numbers were shown to enable the public to vote.

All the acts line up on the stage.  Here come the envelopes – the tension mounts. All the qualifiers reprise their songs.  ere we go the qualifiers are –

Annsofi – 3rd place

Fjellfolk – 2nd place

Margaret Berger – 1st place   

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Source: EuroVisionary; NRK
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