Anna Mjöll’s Marriage Ardour Cools Like an Icelandic Winter

Anna Mjöll has split from her American car dealer husband, Cal Worthington, after only eight months of marriage.

Anna, 43, is nearly fifty years younger than her 90 year old, soon to be ex-husband. The divorce papers site ‘irreconcilable differences’ which may relate to issues beyond just the vast difference in age. She is reportedly seeking spousal support from the wealthy car dealer.

Anna represented Iceland in the1996 Eurovision Song Contest, where the song that she co-wrote with her musician father, Shoobe-doo, came 13th gaining 51 points. Following her Eurovision appearance, she toured for three years with Julio Iglesias. As a child she trained in cello, piano and guitar and is now pursuing a Jazz career in the USA. Her father is Olafur Gaukur, a guitarist, composer and arranger and with her mother, Svanhildur Jakobsdottir, her parents had one of the most successful bands in Icelandic history, ‘Sextett Olafs Gauks’

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