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Anna Mjöll’s Marriage Ardour Cools Like an Icelandic Winter

Anna Mjöll has split from her American car dealer husband, Cal Worthington, after only eight months of marriage. Anna, 43, is nearly fifty years younger than her 90 year old, soon to be ex-husband. The divorce papers site ‘irreconcilable differences’ which may relate to issues beyond just the vast difference in age. She is reportedly… Read more

Azerbaijan gears up for Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – infrastructure to be improved

As thousands of Eurovision fans start to make plans about how they’re going to get to Baku, the Azerbaijani Government is gearing up as well – in terms of improving the transport system and fighting illegal merchandise. From a transport perspective the Government is gearing up for the influx of visitors. It’s aware that the current infrastructure will not… Read more

Singing is thirsty work – Baltika-Baku nominated official Brewery for Eurovision 2012

Singing, dancing, cheering and waving flags like a crazed person will all be thirsty work at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.  The good news is the event now has an official Eurovision beer to help slake everyone’s thirst.  Baltika-Baku brewery announced it’s the official partner of the 2012 contest. Baltika-Baku brewery will be promoting two beers, the Azerbaijani Khirdalan (Xirdilan)… Read more

Elnur Hüseynov’s brother stabbed by Eurovision partner Samir

The brother of Elnur Hüseynov, one half of the duo that represented next year’s host country Azerbaijan at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, is in the hospital after being stabbed by a knife – handled by no other than Samir, the other half of the duo. Alvin Huseynov, was allegedly stabbed by the other half… Read more

How do you say “Which way to the stadium’ in Azeri?

Do you know how to ask for help in Azeri?  Perhaps not, but fear not, the Azerbaijan Interior Ministry is on the job! In a recent announcement it was revealed that Police in Azerbaijan will be attending English language classes to prepare them for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The Deputy Spokesman for Minister for the… Read more

Mira Awad released second album – tour in Spain will follow

Mira Awad, who with Noa, represeneted Israel in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a second album titled All My Faces. The new album was produced by Spain’s Carlos Jean. Several performances in Spain – and one in Bulgaria will follow in the coming months. Mira Awad has collaborated with a wide range of… Read more

Bound for Baku? But where will everyone sleep?

Azerbaijan has been in a frenzy of excitement since winning Eurovision Song Contest 2011, with the capital Baku hosting the 2012 event. However Baku’s infrastructure lags far behind recent host cities. With an expected 60,000 visitors, there is some doubt as to whether Baku will cope. Baku currently has only a small number of international… Read more

Eurovision meets American Idol in Ukraine – Philip Kirkorov and Ani Lorak involved in national selection

Ukraine has revealed its selection process for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest – a talent show developed by Freemantle media – the company famous for its incredibly popular American Idol show, which spawned copies in many countries around the world. Well known names Fhilip Kirkorov and Ani Lorak will be involved.    It’s reported that Freemantle… Read more

Eldar Gasimov extends his talents to acting

Eldar Gasimov, half of the winning duo -Eldar & Nigar- from Azerbaijan, is extending his talents to acting. Eldar has been cast in the sequel to Don’t Worry, I am with You (Ne boysya, ya s toboy) a popular Azerbaijani film from 1981. The original movie starred Polad Bulbuloglu, who is currently Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Russia.   A… Read more

Severina, Brad Pitt and babies

Severina Vuckovic, who represented Croatia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Moja štikla, and is now one of Croatia’s most successful female popstars, is having a busy year so far. She has released a new song titled Brad Pitt and is also pregnant. In the video which can be found on her Facebook… Read more

Giorgos Akaios has a Greek Déjà vu

Lead singer of Greece’s Eurovision 2010 entry, Giorgos Akaios, is due to release a greatest hits album in December 2011, titled Déjà vu. Tracks included will span his 20 year career, which has produced five platinum and nine gold albums. The release will contain new interpretations of some of his most famous songs. Since competing in… Read more