Elnur Hüseynov’s brother stabbed by Eurovision partner Samir

The brother of Elnur Hüseynov, one half of the duo that represented next year’s host country Azerbaijan at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, is in the hospital after being stabbed by a knife – handled by no other than Samir, the other half of the duo.

Alvin Huseynov, was allegedly stabbed by the other half of the 2008 Eurovision duo, Samir Javadzade. The alleged incident is a fall from grace for the successful singer and suggests serious tensions between Elnur and Samir however it is still a bit unsure what actually took place. According to the police Samir stabbed Alvin as he stirred up some fuss at home, but it might just have been a natural reflex to defend himself.

To the Azeri newspaper APA, Alvin says that he has told the police that it was an accident and that they should deal with it this way. He also adds that he is sorry to see that some medias are writing about it as Samir tried to kill him. For now, Samir is in police custody until they have finished their invistigations. 

Elnur & Samir came 8th with 132 points with their song Day After Day in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Azerbaijan will host the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: aysor.am, Apa, EuroVisionary
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