Anastasia is feeling great at her second rehearsal

With the sun shining from above on a Sunday in Düsseldorf, Anastasia Vinnikova from Belarus had her second rehearsal. We had the full effect today, including a dulcimer on stage.

Belarus would love to win Eurovision, and what would be better than with a song extolling the virtues of their country.  Anastasia gave us a rehearsal of this rousing song. To be honest, it sounded a little offkey in the arena, but it was a little better on screen.

Anastasia is in a short black white and grey dress.  Her four backing singers – two male, two female – are in black and white.  The sixth person on stage is playing a dulcimer – a stringed musical instrument played like a xylophone.  Each of the five singers are at microphone stands that have white twinkling lights.  There is also lots of arm waving.

The backdrop is quite effective.  It’s basic red and white patterns that mimic the ‘ornament’ on the Belarussian flag.  They rotate, swirl and fade during the song.  Occasionally, these are replaced by strobing and red lights flashing behind the stage.

It is all very effective, and has a very good hook making it very memorable.  It comes in a run of decent songs at the end of the second semi-final, which could work either way for it.

In my view

This is another song I’ve always liked, even when Belarus changed their song from Born in Belarussia.  But today wasn’t the best rehearsal, which puts doubt into my mind on whether it will qualify.  On balance, I still think it will.

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