Anabel Conde is seeking support from fans to record a new album

The time has arrived for her fans to come together and take action for the launch of the record they have been waiting for. The cost of the project amounts to 12,700 Euros and must be raised within 40 days. Those who help to finance it will reportedly enjoy special privileges.

Anabel Conde took part in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest representing Spain with the song Vuelve Conmigo and she ended up in second place. After this, she tried again to represent Spain in the contest and she took part no fewer than four times in some national selections but was never chosen again. In 2005 she came back to Eurovision as a backing singer of the Andorran representative Marian van de Wal with the song La Mirada Interior.

The crystal clarity in her voice has made her a very popular artist recruiting fans all over the world, but the market saturation and crisis of the music business are among the reasons why Anabel didn’t have the chance to record new songs. This is a unique opportunity for all of her fans to contribute to the re-launching of Anabel’s career.

The project starts almost from scratch and the minimum amount necessary to get it off the ground is 12,700 Euros. This money will pay for: musical arrangements, voice recording, mixing and mastering of 8 to 10 tracks, 1,000 CDs with 16-page booklet, copyright payment, publishing and distribution rights, worldwide digital release (Spotify, iTunes…), distribution of the promotional single to over 800 radio stations and television networks, taxes, commission and rewards. Should more money be raised than needed, the outstanding amount would be used to include more tracks or even the filming of a music video, as well as collaborations with other artists and promotional tours amongst other things.

Those who help to finance the project will enjoy unique privileges, such as their name appearing on the web and disc in digital format or in the CD booklet; receiving the album signed by Anabel or even participating in the selection of the songs. In addition, if the album is released, all who have made contributions will be invited to a concert to promote the record and those who have put more than 100 Euros in the kitty will be granted VIP access.

It must be stressed that there is no initital financial obligation; only if the project reaches full funding within 40 days, and the project is abel to go ahead will the payment have to be honoured. That is thanks to Crowdfunding, an organization that facilitates the releasing of projects economically supported by fans. This website uses micropayments to allow the general public to directly finance, and in some cases, gain access to extra material from an artist.  Crowdfunding can replace the need for specialized grant applications or other more formal and traditional fundraising techniques with that of a more casual, yet powerful, approach based on crowd participation.

This enables fans to finance artist projects in exchange for access to the artist’s creative work and the artist determines the tiers of fan involvement and attaches a cost to each tier. The great thing about all of these tools and online services is that it puts the power much more squarely in the hands of the artists and the fans.


Crowfunding website to support Anabel’s album.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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