Aisha fills the Telenor arena with her voice

Aisha had her first crack at singing on the Eurovision stage in Oslo this afternoon. The Latvian delegation had several goes to test out and improve their stage show.

Aisha is front and center for this one, as you’d expect. The camera on the crane swoops in at the start of the song and she’s eye to eye with it. She is joined on stage by four backing singers.The stage show has greatly improved since Eirodziesma.

There are black curtains hung in a semi circle around the back of the stage. At the start the lighting is centred. but spreads out. Blue spotlights roam all around the stage and the venue during parts of the song. This is one of the best uses of the stage and it’s lighting capabilities.

The Steadicam is used a few times throughout this performance as well.The last line of the song is given special treament by Aisha who hits a fairly high note. The vocals were pretty good for Latvia overall.

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