60 entries qualify to the second tour in Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu and Geta Burlacu is back

The period of submitting entries came to an end in Moldovan selection process. Yesterday, the national broadcaster TRM revealed the list of approved entries, which is a total of sixty, including former Moldovan representative in 2009 Nelly Ciobanu and 2008 representative Geta Burlacu making a return this year.

After the deadline of the "call for the songs" period has passed in Moldovan selection process, the national broadcaster TRM revealed the list of approved entries for the second tour. These entries are (in alphabetical order):

  • Adrian Ursu – Be Yourself
  • Adriano – Love is A Fire
  • AKORD – Live the Show
  • Alexandru Manciu – If You Leave
  • Alisa Gangan – Fly With Me
  • Andrei Movila & Crazy Dancers – In Love With the Demon
  • Anna Gulko – Ballad of Love
  • Bazil – Stii Tu Oare
  • Constantinova Anna & Synops – Game
  • Corina Cuniuc – With You
  • Cristina Croitoru – Fight for Love
  • Cristy Rouge – Doar al Meu
  • Danu Boian – Destination
  • Dara – Open Your Eyes
  • De Lissa – Oh, Mommy
  • Diana Grigor – Tonight
  • Doinita Gherman – Welcome to Moldova
  • EDICT – I will Find My Way
  • El Pepino Feliz – Do It for Me
  • EL Radu – I’m With You Now
  • Felicia Dunaf – Love is Time
  • Formatia Bingagroove – Take a Break
  • Formatia Bingagroove – Switch On
  • Future Vision – Night is Over
  • Georgeta Voinovan & A. Leahu – De Departe
  • Geta Burlacu – The Colors of My Heart
  • Geta Burlacu – Never Ever Stop
  • Geta Burlacu – Trust Me (I Like You)
  • Human Place – Struck in Mind
  • INAYA – Lights
  • Irina Remesh – Iluzii Desarte
  • Irina Tarasiuc & MC Gootsa – Save a Little Sunshine
  • Kara Nadejda – Unbreakable
  • Katalina Rusu – Next to You
  • Katalina Rusu – My Name is Love
  • Katalina Rusu – Heaven is Here
  • Ksenya Nikora – You Better Rush
  • Leria – A ray of sun
  • Lidia Isac – My fortune hunter
  • Live Beat – Save the world
  • M Studio – Open your eyes
  • Mariana Mihaila – Live on forever
  • MC Mike & Human Place – Moll girl
  • Nelly Ciobanu – Turn on the light
  • Nicoleta Gavlilita & Serghei Bilicenco – Crazy little thing
  • Paralela 47 – Arde
  • Pasha Parfeny – Lautar
  • Rain Catchers – Click
  • Ruslan Taranu – Blanshe
  • Sasha Bognibov – Nu stiu de ce
  • Silvia Allegro – Never be the same
  • Sophie Gainsbourg – I wanna smoke a cigarette
  • Svetlana Dumbrava – Phoenix
  • Transbalkanica – Balkan riders
  • Univox – Moody numbers
  • Valentin Uzun – Urare de bine
  • Vasile Muntean – No more
  • Veronika – Lonely blues
  • Vic Storm Lozik – Dark room
  • Vitalii Maciunschi & Iana Corsac – Prayer

That means, two of former representative names in Moldova makes a return to represent their countries at the Eurovision Song Contest once again. Nelly Ciobanu represented this country with the song Hora Din Moldova in Moscow 2009, which resulted in a 14th placing. This year Nelly will try once again to represent her country with the song Turn On the Light.

Another former representative Geta Burlacu had this honour with the song A Century of Love in Belgrade 2008, but she didn’t manage to qualify to the final. This time Geta is back to selections with three entries: The Colours of My Heart, Never Ever Stop and Trust Me (I Like You). The songs can be found on TRM’s official website.

The second tour in Moldovan selections will be held on January 29th and all the approved sixty entries will be performed in front of the expert jury with seven members from different professions. The jury members are:

Olga Ciolacu – singer
Igor Dinga – producer and composer
Valentin Boghean – musician, actor and composer
Tatiana Cerga – singer
Andrei Sava – composer
Victoria Tcacenco – music professor from Theatre and Fine Arts Academy
Dana Argint – representative of Orange Moldova 

The criitrias for the process will be singing, originality, composition of the song and availibity of regualiton. After this audition process 20 entries will qualify from second tour to the final stage. At the same the time the broadcaster will go to an internet voting process to decide the 21st act to compete in the final. This process will last twelve days, between 1st and 12th of February. The final show in Moldova will be held on March, 10th.

You can also watch the representing songs of Nelly Ciobanu and Geta Burlacu below.

Source: EuroVisionary, TVM
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