3JS will not be fighting alone in Düsseldorf

Year after year Medias are wondering when the Dutch broadcaster decides to pull the plug on their Eurovision Song Contest participation. The country has failed to reach the final the past six years making it one of the least successful countries nowadays. This evening the pressure was on the population and the jury to choose the right song.
The band 3JS (consisting of the 3 J’s: Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Jaap de Witte) was chosen already in July, internally by the broadcaster. They were asked to write five songs to be performed in a national final. That national final took place tonight and the winning song ended up being Je Vecht Nooit Alleen
The songs:
1. Ga dan niet (Don’t go then): 
We start out with a quiet ballad in best boyband style, but since that is what we are dealing with it can’t really come as a surprise.
Jury says: It is not bad, but maybe a bit too slow for the Eurovision Song Contest, one doesn’t like the beginning, another is praising mainly Jan, asks for a renaming of the song if it should make it as it isn’t a suitable title for the Contest. 
2. De stroom (The stream):
The next song is more up-tempo. It has a chorus that comes across quite catchy as no matter if you understand Dutch or not you will quickly find yourself singing a long – and it will get you up dancing!
Jury says: A Eurovision song needs energy and to grab you right away – this song has it all, it is strong song and it is really good.
3. Toen ik jou vergat (When I forgot you):
Yet another ballad. This leaves you dreaming, but I can’t help having another song in my head.
Jury says: Music at highest level, never thought blues was possible in Dutch, but apparantly it is, another likes it, but ask them to keep it for the hotel rooms in Germany – and not on stage.
4. Weelderig waardeloos (Luxuriously worthless):
We continue with a lullaby. It is beautiful just like the previous song, but don’t listen to it if you are planning to stay awake much longer.
Jury says: Likes it, but not for the Eurovision Song Contest, will be risky to take to Düsseldorf, beautiful, but unsuitable.     
5. Je Vecht Nooit alleen (You never fight alone):
The last of them starts out as ballad, but then turns into a boyband pop song. This is the song the band has been out saying that they prefer. Will the viewers and the jury fulfill their wish?
Jury says: listen to the audience, the song does justice to the band, beautiful, fits perfect to the 3 minutes, too bad that people don’t understand what it is about.   
The show
For tonight’s national final the Netherlands once again got back to what they have done with success before; entertaining the viewers. Tonight previous participants made sure to set the population in the right Eurovision-mood, but before it came to that we saw clips from previous international classics.
The show was hosted by Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau, who is married to professional football player Wesley Sneijder who plays for Internazionale, Italy and of course the Dutch national.
After 3JS had performed all five songs and the jury had been asked to go to the special jury room to discuss 7 former Dutch participants made their entrance – mixed in with clips from the history of the Eurovision Song contest. This didn’t work well on TV where it was really hard to notice the few seconds that was live from the studio. But it did include Justine (1989), Esther Hart (2003), Ben Cramer (1973),  Marlayne (1999) and Sieneke (2010).      
The voting:
Five jury members had been selected to play a 50% part in choosing, which of the five songs would be representing the Netherlands at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in neighbour country, Germany. 
The jury consisted of two previous Dutch participants in Hind, who represented the country in 2008 with the song Your Heart Belongs To Me and René Froger, one third of the duo, at that time, The Toppers, who tried to Shine the year after. The 
other three were  songwriter Eric Van Tijn, Dutch commentator Daniel Dekker and radio DJ Annemieke Scholldaardt.
Jury result:
5th position: Weelderig Waardeloos
4: position: Toen Ik Jou Vergat
3. position: Ga Dan Niet
2. position: De Stroom
1. position: Je Vecht Nooit Alleen
Televoting result:
1. Je Vecht Nooit Alleen – 63.8%
2. De Stroom – 25.5%
3. Weelderig Waardeloos 5.8%
4. Toen Ik Jou Vergat – 3.9%
5. Ga Dan Niet – 1% 
Combined result:
1. Je Vecht Nooit Alleen
2. De Stroom 
3. Weelderig Waardeloos
4. Toen Ik Jou Vergat
5. Ga Dan Niet

Source: EuroVisionary
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