Hungry? Cheap eats in Kyiv!

Do you want to know where to eat cheaply in Kyiv? Then this guide is for you. Here are the best places to eat in Kyiv on a budget. We have also included public transport links to make visiting these restaurants even easier.

Kyiv offers a wide range of places to eat whether you fancy trying out some local cuisine or something that tastes more like home. There are hundreds of restaurants in the Ukrainian capital, but we are making it simple for you. Here are the best places to eat cheaply in Kyiv. Although to in particular westerners, Ukraine is in general considered a rather cheap country to be in.

This author of this article is British based, but with family in Ukraine she visits the country frequently.

Puzata Hata

Puzata Hata is probably one of the most popular places to eat cheaply in Kyiv. Puzata Hata specialist in Ukrainian and Russian dishes and is set out a bit like a cafeteria. You take your tray up to the counter and tell the person what you want, this is plated out and you pay for your meal before you eat.

Prices vary depending on what you chose to have but this place is cheap even by Ukrainian standards. The only drawback is that all of the food labels are in Ukrainian.

Puzata Hatas are located around Kyiv including:

Fan zone areas Kreschatyk Street and Kontrakova Square. You can find other locations by visiting their official website.


Musafir restaurant specialises in Crimean Tatar cuisine. But due to it’s small size it does fill up very quickly so it is better

Musafir Restaurant Kyiv

to make a reservation. There are two dining rooms in the restaurant, one of which has music playing. You can eat here for around 10 euros for a three course meal.

Specialities of the restaurant include Shashlik (kebabs), Crimean Tatar soups as well as Turkish coffee. Opening times usually 10:00-22:00 although this will differ during bank holidays.

Address: Saksahanskoho vul. 57A. Nearest Metro stations are the Universitet and Palats Sporta. Visa and Mastercards accepted.

Kyivska Perepichka

The Kyivska Perepichka isn’t a restaurant, but more of a fast food hatch that serves hot dogs in fried dough. It has become legendary over the years. It is located near Kreschatyk which is the main street in central Kyiv

This is a popular place for students to eat and you will first notice the long queue before you notice the hatch itself. A naughty treat but we only live once… and at just 5UAH (0.17euros) it would actually be a crime not to.

Address: 3 Khmelnytskoho street (on the corner of Kreschatyk)
Nearest metro: Teatralna

Wild Card


My wildcard option in Kyiv is Chachapuri which is a Georigan Themed restaurant. It isn’t a budget eatery, but also isn’t the most expensive place. I discovered it during my last trip to Kyiv in 2016, but I can’t wait until my next trip so I can come back and try some of that gorgeous, cheesy Chachapuri. The restaurant is fairly small and tends to fill up quickly, my advice if you want to try it is to make a reservation or go for dinner early, around 4pm.

Address: Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd

Nearest Metro: Universitet – To get here you need to cross to the opposite side of the road from the metro station and walk down the hill a little.

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