What might happen on Saturday in Finnish national final?

Twelve artists are still in the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, but what will happen? There have been already some surprises, but will there be any more? Who are favourites? Who might win? Let’s speculate!

First of all, we should watch the Second Chance. People will vote for two artists for the final. The first singer of the evening will be Passionworks feat Tony Turunen. They were favourites of the Finnish website Viisukuppila, but their trip to the second chance seemed to be a big surprise to the Tohloppi audience. Tiara is new name, but she was not expected to get a ticket from semifinal to the final. Riikka has done much in her career, but no one knows if the Finnish audience will vote for her. 

Vink has a very cheerful style. The band has its own fans. Janita was in the same semifinal, but they received under 20% of the votes. Janita is certainly the most well-known artist, together with Sani. They are the favourites as well known names, but it is not necessarily enough. 

If I should guess the winners who are going to final, I would think that the most obvious are Passionworks feat. Tony Turunen, Riikka and Sani. The last semifinal saw the automatic qualifiers score high percentages, but anything might happen.

There is always a possibility that an artist might win after entering the Second Chance. That happened 2007 in Denmark, when Drama Queen won the contest.

The final starts with Kwan, who were the favourites in their semifinal. It was a big surprise when Jari Sillanpää, who sings second, did not win his semifinal. However, he has plenty of possibilities yet. Then Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen will enter the stage, but we do not know if they will they go through to the Superfinal. Another favourite to reach the Superfinal is Tapani Kansa. The third winner of their semifinal, Waldo’s People, is certainly a favourite. Remu has his own fans, and probably after him will be the winners of the second chance.

Last year, the  Superfinalists were two winners from semifinals and one who finished in second position. So, the Superfinal is not necessarily going to include only the winners.

But now there is speculation of the top three. I take now only those who are certainly in the final. If the Superfinalists are Signmark, Tapani Kansa and Waldo’s People, I would think that Tapani Kansa wins. Signmark and Waldo’s People might cancel each other out.

If the Superfinal includes two semifinal winners and one runner-up, the situation is not clear. If it consists of Tapani Kansa, Waldo’s People and Kwan, it might be that those latter two cancel each other out. Then Tapani Kansa might easily win. The same situation might happen if there is Tapani Kansa, Signmark and Kwan. However, Tapani Kansa might be out too. If there is Waldo’s People, Remu and Signmark, the situation would be very open. I would guess then that Waldo’s People would be the winner. Waldo’s People might be a winner too, if they compete against Remu and Tapani Kansa. But Waldo’s People against Signmark and Jari Sillanpää might give victory to Jari Sillanpää. Then it is really possible that Signmark competes against Jari Sillanpää and Tapani Kansa, and then Signmark is the most possible winner. If there are not any winners of the semifinal, the winner is not clear.

Anything can happen. But someone has to win. But my favourites are very big secret!

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