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Estonia Puts Trust in Urban Symphony

The Estonian selection, Eestilaul, was held on 7th March. There were ten finalists. Half of them sang their song in English, and the other half sang in Estonian. Urban Symphony was the favourite of the juries and the televoters with the song Rändajad Black and white clothes seemed to be the most popular in the… Read more

Croatia’s Decision: Igor Cukrov Got the Ticket to Moscow

The Croatian national selection, DORA 09 was this evening held in Opatija. The winner after a close contest was Lijepa Tena, which was sung by Igor Cukrov. Croatia has made its choice. The manor of the result is similar to Dora 2006, when Severina won after being second in both jury votes and televotes. Here… Read more

Dora 2009 Turns From Semifinal to Final

Who got the tickets for Saturday’s final in the Croatian selection in Opatija? There were 14 acts but only 6 were allowed to continue. There were some artists participating again after earlier attempts. Maja Vucic and Ivo Gamulin Gianni have been in the Dora in previous years. Feminnem participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005! … Read more

It is Sasha Son for Lithuania 2009!

Dainu Daina was the name of the game this time in Lithuania. 10 songs competed to represent the country at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Sasha Son won with the song Pasiklydes Zmogus. Time will tell if we will see an English version being made for the contest in Moscow. The Lithuanian final started with… Read more

Waldo’s People at the Winner’s Press Conference

Finland will compete with a dance song. What has this group to say after victory in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest selections? Will the performance have some changes in Moscow? And what might happen in press conference? "This is very great to represent Finland, when dance music has never been the music of the whole… Read more

What might happen on Saturday in Finnish national final?

Twelve artists are still in the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, but what will happen? There have been already some surprises, but will there be any more? Who are favourites? Who might win? Let’s speculate! First of all, we should watch the Second Chance. People will vote for two artists for the final.… Read more

Third and Last Semifinal in Finland – Feelings From the Press Conference

What kind of relationship do native sign language speakers have with the Eurovision Song Contest? How did Janita write her song? What did Vink say about their entry? Find out also what Jari Sillanpää’s plan is. SIGNMARK FEATURING OSMO IKONEN ”The Eurovision Song Contest is a very big thing, especially for us, our music style,… Read more

Finland, get to know the third round semi-finalists

The third Finnish semi-final will be held at YLE’s Tohloppi studio this evening. We’ll have a look at who has experience and who are the newbies? We’ll also find out why there is song in American Sign Language and who sings soul and r’n’b?  Signmark is something new in the Eurovision Song Contest world. He is first deaf… Read more

Finnish second semi: interviews with the artists

The second heat of Laulukilpailu, the Finnish selection process, took place in Tampere last night. EuroVisionary were there to cover the event and asked a few pertinent questions to the artitsts. Find out who changed their entry only one week before deadline. SANI Sani described her thoughts about the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, ”Last… Read more

Finland, get to know the second semi-finalists

The second Finnish semi-final will be held at YLE’s Tohloppi studio on Friday 16th January. Let’s find out what kind of artists and songs are competing for a place in the Finnish final and who wrote the songs? Sani is very a well-known artist in Finland. People know her as a singer with the band Aikakone, which made released songs under… Read more

First Semifinal of Finland

What kind of candidates has Finland for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009? Who is new artist and who would sing in Russian in Moscow? You can also find out interesting things from the artists. And yes, there are also the results! KWAN Kwan is a well-known band worldwide. Kwan’s soloists are Mariko and Tidjan. Mariko… Read more