Dora 2009 Turns From Semifinal to Final

Who got the tickets for Saturday’s final in the Croatian selection in Opatija? There were 14 acts but only 6 were allowed to continue.

There were some artists participating again after earlier attempts.
Maja Vucic and Ivo Gamulin Gianni have been in the Dora in previous years.
Feminnem participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005! 

These six have qualified in the following order:

1. Tomislav Bralic & Klapa Intrade – Ne damo te pismo naša
2. Ivo Gamulin Gianni – Daj mi jedan razlog
3. Mario Battifiaca – Ma gdje bila
4. Feminnem – Trebam te
5. Drazen Zanko – Samo ti
6. Cager Zoc & Papak Dance Company – Ritam da se ritam

Source: ESC Today, Viisukuppila
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