Tonight is the night!

The Swedish final is getting closer. As a fan I’m of course counting down the hours now and I’m so excited to see who is going to represent Sweden in Moscow in this years Eurovision Song Contest. The last couple of years haven’t been so lucky for us as we’ ve finished at 18th place two years in a row.

Nothing unexpected has happened during the semi-finals, with one exception it has been fairly easy to predict who will go through to the final and who will not. The exception is of course the semi-final in Gothenburg where there were a lot of songs with potential.

I’ve been keeping an eye at some of the Swedish charts. E.M.D seems to be very popular as they are number one at two of the big charts ”RIX topp 6” and ””. Unfortunately their song is typical Swedish pop-song and I don’t think it will stand a chance in Europe. The Swedish audience likes it and the European fans might like it but the average European viewer will probably not. This is our big problem in Sweden, we often select songs that we like ourselves and don’t think about our chances to win the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be other people voting tonight then teenage girls, sorry guys, but E.M.D’s ”Baby goodbye” does not have what it takes to even qualify to the final at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Another favorite among the teenage fans are Måns Zelmerlöw, and after having a look at the charts I discover that he is (not unexpected) on second and third place. I’ll love to dance to his song ”Hope & Glory” in clubs this summer, but this is not the song to send to Moscow either. Hope & Glory sounds exactly the same as Hero and we all know what happened in Belgrade last year, so let’s not go there right now.

If the semi-finals have been fairly predictable, the final is not. If you’re going to look at the charts, the typical Swedish pop-song is most probable to win. Alcazar is another finalist at the charts right now. Alcazar has one advantage that E.M.D and Måns Zelmerlöw doesn’t have; they already have an international career and are fairly well known to the European audience. If that makes any difference or not, I don’t know. But if a pop-song is going to represent Sweden I hope it will be Stay the night. 

I hope that the international jury will have a little influence on the viewers so that they will think a little bit about which songs will stand a chance at the Eurovision Song Contest and hopefully vote for a song that can actually win. I will follow tonight’s live show with great excitement and I really hope the Swedish audience will vote for a song that we can be proud of in Moscow.

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