This Time, it’s Personal!

OK, I’m going to start by being honest. What you are about to read is nothing to do with the Eurovision Song Contest. This one’s for me! I need your help so please read on.

Wednesday 14th November was World Diabetes Day. Two of my children have type 1 diabetes; this is the version of diabetes which can’t be prevented. In order to stay alive, they must do many blood tests every day and they rely on being given the correct amount of insulin to help them through daily activities that everyone else takes for granted.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is working hard to find a cure. I have written the lyrics to a song which has been released to raise money for the JDRF. It is a father’s perspective of type 1 diabetes. Please watch the video and visit the website to buy the song, which is available as a download or CD.

Thank you.


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