No more Euphoria in Sweden?

When it comes to Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest I have always been proud to be a Swede. I’ve always associated it with pure joy. However, this year the joyful spirit doesn’t seem to appear. The feeling when the names of next year’s participants were revealed can easily be summed up with one word, disappointment.

But I have to admit that I haven’t heard the songs yet so I’ll give them all a fair chance. Debutants like Amanda Fondell and Robin Stjernberg have been successful in Sweden since their participation in Swedish Idol 2011 and as Amanda won that season and Robin finished as a runner up I would guess they have a stabile fan base to vote for them. Add Eddie Razaz (Swedish Idol 2009) and Erik Segerstedt (Swedish Idol 2006) to the cocktail and all of a sudden Melodifestivalen becomes a competition between former Swedish Idol participants. Many of the former participants from Swedish Idol are successful in Sweden, but what will Europe vote for them? I have my doubts.

And then we have veterans like Tommy Körberg, Caroline af Ugglas and Martin Rolinski. Caroline af Ugglas was only 3000 votes from winning last time, is this her time for revenge? Martin Rolinski has participated four times in Melodifestivalen as a member of BWO, but this is his first time as a solo artist. BWO finished as a runner up with Temple of love in 2006, can Martin beat that this time? Tommy Körberg has participated in Melodifestivalen two times before (1969 and 1988) and won both times. One should be glad that an artist like Tommy wants to participate again. My question is however why an experienced artist like Tommy Körberg chooses to participate together with two comedians? But, than again someone needs to take on the funny and crazy songs as well.

And then we have a participating group that makes me scared, Army of lovers. They are participating in Melodifestivalen 2013 with the bands original line up with JeanPierre Barda, Camilla Henemark and Alexander Bard. Exciting in a way but at the same time I am a little bit afraid that their sound is not as updated as it should be to compete in Melodifestivalen 2013. On the other hand, Alexander has been involved as a composer for BWO’s songs over the years, songs that are up to date so I might be wrong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will blow me away with a fabulous song, but I want to have a pillow to hide behind, just in case.

With just the names of the artists and the song titles to judge from, I feel disappointed when I see this year’s lineup for Melodifestivalen. Sweden does not have to win Eurovision Song Contest again, but I wish for a song and artist with dignity and I really have a hard time finding that among the artists that were revealed this morning.

So, among the names revealed today, who do I have high hopes for? With the right song I think Ulrik Munther can be a competitor and dignified successor to Loreen. Looking back and adding last weeks revealed artists to the prediction, I also have high hopes for David Lindgren and Joacim Cans. These three each have their own style of music, who will the Swedes vote for?

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