All bets are off!

As well as a lot of other Swedish fans, I am counting down the hours until Saturdays live show. After having seen the performances on stage during yesterdays rehearsals, I’m really excited…and really torn regarding who will go through to the final.

It’s easy to have a lot of opinions when you’re at home by your computer. I had a lot of opinions about this years artists when they were announced in October, I’ve even written a blog entry about the battle of the giants in this years Melodifestivalen. I didn’t think the newcomers would stand a chance to go through to the final. Even if I’m well aware of the fact that there are a few surprises every year.

Now that I’ve seen the artists rehearse on stage, I’m really confused. This is a really strong line up and I can’t tell who will go through to the final and who will not. This weeks biggest surprise is by far Nina Söderquist. I had no expectations of this song at all, and was really surprised when I heard it. When the journalists talk among each other, Nina’s name comes up more than one time as a possible winner.

I hope Alcazar is one of the two artists going through to the final on Saturday. Their show is amazing and it’s more than well deserved for them to have a little bit of luck in the semi-final. But, and I can’t say this too many times, anything can happen! Almost every song and artist is a match made in heaven and this is what makes this weeks line up so hard to predict.

Shirley is another of my favourites this week. When you’re at the arena there are no doubts it’s really emotional, and I really really hope that it will come across on television. But since Shirley is a professional and has a lot of stage presence, I’m sure she will go through the tv screens and touch the viewers as much as she touches the audience in the arena.

This is where the problems start for me, if I were the one to pick the fourth song, I would pick Marie Serneholt’s Disconnect Me. Why? Mainly because both the song and Marie’s stage show has a lot of energy, but also because the other songs aren’t strong enough. But I don’t think the viewers will agree unfortunately. My guess is that they will vote Scotts directly through to the final. But one thing is for sure, there will be no battle of the giants, this week all bets are off!

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