Video: Minus One in our Would You Rather game

We challenged this year’s Cypriot participants for a game of Would You Rather. Will they rather win the Eurovision Song Contest or sell five million copies of their next album and why would Chris rather be naked in Spring? See these and their other answers in the video.

It is totally random which questions the participants in our Would You Rather games gets. They draw themselves without seeing them, but all questions are made to show a different and more personal side of the acts. Guitarist Harrys might be a hard man to satisfy, and he was allowed a second draw in the hope for a question which he found more satisfying.

We had a lot of fun with this when we caught up with Minus One representing Cyprus at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The video starts with a quick introduction to them and their entry Alter Ego.

Below you can watch the video of our Would You Rather game with Minus One:

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