Ukraine trapped in legal proceedings

Just when you think the Eurovision drama is over, it’s coming right back around. This time, Ukraine is officially getting itself involved in a case of the 15-million-euro financial guarantee.

The 15 million euro guarantee was given to Ukraine to ensure proper holding of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 that took place in Kyiv, Ukraine in May. It was provided by the broadcasting license holder Euronews SA. Euronews SA then went on and decided to freeze the money as it stated the money wasn’t needed and the contest went swimmingly.

As we know from before, Ukraine was already involved in a legal proceeding as a result of getting fined 200,000 euros for not letting the Russian representative Julia Samoylova into the country. While the appeal on the Samoylova case has been submitted and is being processed, Ukraine is starting yet another legal process.

Ukraine received the money as a bail in case of an emergency and didn’t take advantage of it. As a result, a procedure was initiated by The Geneva Department of Compulsory Debt Collection to seize the money and put a hold on it. Ukraine, expecting to get the money in full after the contest, was shocked with such an unfair move, as they call it, and hired a Swiss law firm to deal with this case.

Yesterday, following approval of the Ukrainian government, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine steps in with its official plans to provide legal services for the representation of Ukraine’s interest in court in order to return the 15 million. According to the approval text, the purchase of legal services to represent Ukrainian interests in court will be organised this year.

Being trapped in legal proceedings with an unknown outcome for an unknown period of time, Ukraine has a lot on its shoulders. Fighting against a broadcasting license holder for the money that was meant as a bail could potentially damage Ukraine’s image in the contest. While still not confirmed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Ukraine is focused on legal proceedings, which arise a question whether Ukraine will be able to pull itself together and get over financial hardships.

In the video below, take a look at Ukraine’s 2017 home entry Time by O.Torvald in a special Full Stage View:

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