Slovenia: Lea Sirk – Hvala, ne! (Rehearsals, video and gallery)

Once the music went down, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at what was happening to Lea Sirk. Moments after, everyone at the press center was clapping and singing along to Hvala, Ne! That happened both during her first and second rehearsals.

Slovenia is competing in the second semi-final as start number 17. They are represented by Lea Sirk and the song Hvala, ne!, which is written by Lea herself in collaboration with Tomy DeClerque.


Dress rehearsal

Second rehearsal

Opinions expressed during our second rehearsal coverage are personal from the mentioned writers.

Pedro, Portugal (from the arena) Slovenia can so easily be this semifinal’s dark horse. Lea’s confidence is more than enough to convince the live viewers this could be part of her own show and not an Eurovision performance. Her outfit looks great live as well. The sound breakdown isn’t as contagious or believable as it is in TV but there’ll be no doubt the audience will help her with the song’s chorus.

Jens Erik, Denmark (from the press centre) The Slovenian song did not enter my head before I came to Lisbon. But during the rehearsals I come to like it, and the chorus is kind of stuck in my head now. The performance by Lea Sirk and her backing dancers/singers is nice, though I’m not sure if “the break” will work. I guess it works at a concert or in the Altice arena on the big night, but not sure It will come across the tv-screen. Wouldn’t mind Slovenia to qualify for the final.

First rehearsal

Slovenia’s 2018 performance starts quite similarly to what she presented at this year’s EMA, Slovenian’s national selection. Nonetheless, not everything was the same and many surprises came along.

It is as soon as the dancers clear Lea’s way that the choreography kicks in. It will be kept until the very end of the performance and she does make a good usage of the stage. Right before the second chorus, Lea and the girls leave the main stage and go to its bow for the final part. Nonetheless, before the chorus kicks in, the lights go down and Lea looks around seeking for help: “Music? Guys, you need to help me!” This is the motto that will lead the Altice Arena crowd to sing along with her this Slovenian chorus.

After the bridge, the last chorus is sang in Portuguese: “Agora não, obrigada não!” which basically translates her song (thanks but no).

To conclude, Lea’s stage was naked of special effects and she was wearing a black outfit. There was nothing to point out in her vocals.

How Lea Sirk was selected

In September 2017, Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO opened up for entries to be submitted for their national selection EMA. The commitee selecting the 16 acts for the semi-final included former Eurovision participant Maja Keuc.

The 16 acts competed on the 17th of February for eight spots in the final, which took place the following week. Missing out on the final was surprisingly 2016 representative ManuElla.

Lea won the jury points, but only finished third with the public votes. The combined result however placed her first with 116 points and BQL as runner up with ten points less.

Slovenia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

23 appearances since their debut in 1993, 13 finals, but since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, only four. Slovenia don’t have much to brag about when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Twice have the country finished in 7th place; in 1995 by Darja Švajger and again in 2001 by Nuša Derenda and her song Energy. To date, those are the best results the country ever achieved at the contest.

The only four times Slovenia reached the final – since 2004 – was in 2007, 2011 and 2014 and 2015.

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