Poll – Eurovision 2010s: The favourite Serbian entry this decade is…

With two top 10 results, but also twice failing to reach the final, Serbia had quite mixed results the past ten years. They participated nine times this decade, but which one of them is actually the best one?

EuroVisionary look back at the previous Eurovision decade, and our average relative position placed Serbia 11th. They will be 10th if you exclude Turkey that hasn’t taken part since 2012.

Serbia took part, as an independent country, for the first time in 2007 – and won! Marija Šerifović’s Molitva is so far the country’s only win. In 2012, they achieved their second best result, a third place. In 2015, Bojana Stamenov secured Serbia their second top 10 result this decade with the song Beauty Never Lies.

Which of the nine Serbian entries this decade is the best one? We asked four of our writers about their thoughts, and below, we ask you to make your choice by voting in the poll.

Charlotte, Denmark

2015: Bojana Stamenov – Beauty Never Lies

I love a good pop song which I can sing along to, and Bojana delivers that. I am drawn in right from the start as I can sense where this song is going – and when the chorus quickly kicks in, I am not disappointed. Her voice sounds a bit stretched when the dance tune takes over the song, but the chorus remains strong and that makes it my favourite Serbian entry this decade.

Wouter, The Netherlands

2010: Milan Stanković – Ove Je Balkan

The balkan sound does something good to me, so when Serbia comes with an ode to that special kind of music it’s hard to resist. I’ve got no clue what he’s actually singing about, and for fear of being disappointed I’ve always resistend looking up the translated lyrics. Željko Joksimović’ comes in at a close second place, mostly because his Nije Ljubav Stvar, though beautiful, does not live up to the high bar he set with Lane Moje in 2004.

Ashleigh, England

2012: Željko Joksimović – Nije Ljubav Stvar

While I’m not a great lover of the song, I haven’t enjoyed many of the songs that Serbia have brought to the contest this decade and this one is the best that they have come up with. I like the use of the traditional instruments in the song and Željko’s performance was smooth with good vocals.

William, Northern Ireland

2011: Nina – Caroban

Its camp, its colourful and it was riding on the resurgence of 60’s style and music. It was never going to win, but it definitely was a fun and energetic performance and Nina’s vocals were good. I love the LED at the contest for this one as it was psychedelic and it got everyone in the mood to party at the end of the contest that year.

Poll – Vote for your favourite

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Favourite Serbian entry the past decade?

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