Norway 2021: Four artists revealed for fourth heat

We’re more than halfway in this year’s Norwegian selection. After three exciting heats, it’s time to focus on the acts that will compete on Saturday the 6th of February. The 4 participants have just been revealed.

Six acts were pre-qualified, another six acts will win their spot in the final via six selections rounds, five regular and a wildcard chance. That’s how the 12 acts for Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix final will be selected.

The four acts competing in the fourth heat on the 6th of February are:

  • Landeveiens HelterAlt Det Der
  • KiiMMy Lonely Voice
  • RoyaneCircus
  • Marianne Pentha & Mikkel GaupPages

Links to the songs can be found on NRK’s website. Once a winner has been found, they will head straight to the final on the 20th of February.

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

With three Eurovision victories, Norway is on track with fellow Scandinavian neighbour Denmark, although both countries are three behind Sweden. Norway first won in 1985, the year after Sweden’s second win. Bobbysocks’ La Det Swinge has since become a classic hit, which most fans can sing a long to. Ten years later, Secret Garden gave Norway their second win with the song Nocturne, which only contained 24 words, and the rest was instrumental, mainly violin. In 2009, Norway would once again bring the violin to Eurovision – and win by no other than Rybak.

Since the last Norwegian victory, by Alexander Rybak in 2009, Norway have scored rather decent in Eurovision. Stella Mwangi (2011) and Agnete (2016) both failed to reach the final, but of the remaining six entries that did make it, four of them ended in top 10.

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