Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Denmark opens selection with changes

Danish broadcaster kicks off its 2018 national final season today, and they do so with announcing a few changes which will have effect immediately. A new man in charge of the entire process was appointed as well; Eurovision’s Viewing Room Producer.

Today Danish broadcaster DR opened up for songs to be submitted for the national final Melodi Grand Prix. Contrary to previous years, the submission period never closes though. In order to be sure that the song will be taken into consideration for the 2018 contest, it will have to be submitted before the 15th of September 2017. Songs after this deadline can however still make it, and if they don’t, they can already then be in consideration for the contest in 2019.

In recent years a position as Music-responsible has been used. That job title is being cancelled, and a new position called “bidrags-producer” (Contribution producer) has been made. It will be singer and Viewing Room Producer at the Eurovision Song Contest the past four years, Mads Enggaard who has been given the title. He will be responsible for the entire process from selecting the songs to the victory in the Danish final.

DR expects to receive a professionel demo this year with the singer they have in mind for the actual song. Mads Enggaard says about this: “The music production is a big part of a Melodi Grand Prix song today, it is no longer enough to deliver a tune and some lyrics…. You have to show that you have been thinking about which sound image that follows the song, and that it is something which will stand a chance at Eurovision“.

At this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Anja Nissen represented Denmark with the song Where I Am. She finished 20th with the song which you can watch below in a special Multi Cam version.

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