Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Aalborg warm up to Danish final

Next Saturday, the Danish final kicks off, but in host city Aalborg the celebrations have already begun. Come and taste the special cocktails, the Melodi Grand Prix cake, try Eurovision yoga, or the many other special events the city offers. 

In Denmark they don’t just choose a host city for the national final, they choose a Grand Prix city. The city will host first the Danish Melodi Grand Prix final, and the week after, the Junior Melodi Grand Prix. Aside from that, the city usually host various fun and also sometimes quirky events.

This year’s host city, Aalborg is not holding back. The North Jutland based city is hosting the contest for the 7th time, and their celebrations started last Thursday where a hotel held a party specially for the disabled people with ‘special needs’. Former national finalists entertained at the party, which had been given the title “Grand Prix unites everyone”. On the 9th of February there will be a special party for the homeless – again with music from a former participant.

Food, drink and exercise

Starting from last Friday – and until the night of the final on the 10th, you can go from bar to bar on a pup crawl, and try the special cocktails, eight bars came up with. Each cocktail is named after Danish Eurovision entries like Vi Maler Byen Rød (1989), Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (2000) and Cliche Love Song (2014). A jury will crown a winning cocktail, which for the rest of the month will be sold at reduced price.

If you are more hungry than thursty, there will also be special bread and cake to taste. And should you be in the need for exercise after that, there will be Melodi Grand Prix Yoga on the 10th, in the afternoon.

Want to calm down?

If a pup crawl or yoga doesn’t sound appealing to you, the city also offers more relaxing events such as various Eurovision decorations to be used for Selfies or a special Grand Prix buss driving around the city.

You can also attend a Grand Prix bingo on the 7th of February, test your knowledge in a Melodi Grand Prix Quiz or attend a lecture by journalist and president of OGAE Denmark Johann Sørensen on the 8th.

On the 9th of February, the day before the Danish final, this year’s Danish finalists will take part in a special Fastelavn event. This is open to the public as well. In the evening, a special Grand Prix karaoke edition will take place – and of course, don’t forget there is also a big public After Party after the final.

Singing trees

If you are in Aalborg for the Danish final, you have to visit the big park Kildeparken. Over the years famous Danish and international singers who visited the city has planted a tree. Next to the trees is a little speaker. When you press a button, a song by that artist will start to play. It is based on that the trees are called ‘De syngende træer’ (the singing trees).

For the Danish final, half of the songs have been replaced with the 46 Danish Eurovision entries. Elton John has as such been replaced with Anti Social Media, while Cliff Richard ‘turned into’ Olsen Brothers.

Stay tuned on EuroVisionary as we will report from the 2018 Danish final. On our Instagram page, you can already see a picture of the countdown Aalborg set up for this year’s Melodi Grand Prix.

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