Marija Šerifović releases a new song Deo Prošlosti

Eurovision 2007 winner Marija Šerifović has released a new song today called Deo Prošlosti, which means A Part Of The Past. Marija has denied that this beautiful ballad should be about her own private life though.

Deo prošlosti is a ballad about unhappy love and how difficult it can be to go on with your life after your partner has left you for someone else. The song is written by Stevan Simenunović, and Saša Nikolić is the composer. Andrej Ilić from IDJ Videos has directed the video for the song. The video tells a story about Marija as an artist, who performs in a crowded arena, but who in despite of her success is emotionally empty and unhappy, because the love of her life isn’t there.

Although many critics believe that Deo Prošlosti is about Marija’s private life, the Serbian pop singer has made it clear, that her song is not biographical. Marija also revealed that she felt very happy about the song already after first listening and that she recorded it in no time.

The firmer Eurovision winner has told to the Serbian magazine Story that she put a lot of time into her new song. It has been recorded in Serbia and in Turkey. The famous string ensemble Istanbul Strings and guitarist Ilter Kurcala play on Marijas new single.

Marija Šerifović won the Eurovision Song Contest for Serbia in 2007 in Helsinki, with the song Molitva, which is the latest winner song in a non English language. Back then it was Serbia’s Eurovision debut as an independent nation.

In the link below you can watch the video for Marija’s new single Deo Prošlosti: 

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