Maraaya is worshipping the family relationships on new single ‘Drevo’

Slovene duo Maraaya, who participated at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has released a new song titled ‘Drevo’. It is a modern, sensual and emotional ballad about worshipping the relationships in the family.

Maraaya’s latest release Drevo, which translates to Tree, focuses on the relationships in the family, which are extra important in these times, where corona pandemic and quarantine isolation are setting limits in our lifes in so many different ways.

Maraaya consists of the lead vocalist Marjetka and the producer Raay, who are a married couple and have two sons named Vid and Oskar. According to Marjetka, the inspiration for the song came from her own life story.

Vid and Oskar often ask us: “Mom, dad, are we rich?” We always answer: “As long as we have each other, we will always be rich!” Here is the Tree to remind us of eternal love, of the people we love the most in the world! A song to fill our hearts!

Maraaya on Facebook

Maraaya’s new song is accompanied by a video that shows emotional scenes from the families of Marjetka’s and Raay’s closest friends.

We invited families who are part of our lives, our friends, our closest ones to participate. Among other things, the video shows all my closest ones, both sisters, brother, parents. We decided to do this because we wanted the right moments of love, not feature video.

Raay to Slovenske Novice

In the video below, you can listen to Maraaya’s new track Drevo:

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