Learn Danish For Eurovision – Episode 2: Greetings

EuroVisionary continues our Danish language course leading up to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. In this second episode you will be taught the varies greetings used in Denmark plus as a bonus, the unofficial Danish language test. Can you pass it?  

Last week we launched our language course Learn Danish For Eurovision. We first taught you the numbers, and today we continue with the greetings. This should be an eaiser course than the numbers so there is no stopping you being able to use the greetings once you are in Denmark.

As it is being pointed out in the video then you should remember that an arms distance is considered appropriate when talking to the Danes, they don’t like getting too close. You should also remember the times for when which greeting can be used. Even if you might get up late, you don’t say good morning in the hotel reception at 12 a clock.

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