Hovig to perform Gravity at Eurovision 2017

As third Cypriot clue was revealed today, it is clear that the title of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entry will be Gravity. Hovig will thereby use the same title as Ukraine did in 2013. The Cypriot song is expected to be published in about a month.

The first clue saw a spaceman helmet, the second one the gravity acceleration, and today the third one came, which leaves pretty much no doubt that the Cypriot 2017 Eurovision entry will be titled Gravity.

Gravity as a title was also used in the 2013 contest where Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich participated with a song of the same title. She finished third, and if Hovig will repeat that, it will be the best ever Eurovision result for Cyprus after finishing fifth a total of three times. While waiting for the Cypriot edition of Gravity, let’s enjoy the Ukrainian one.

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