Fly On The Wings Of Love – 20 years ago today that Olsen Brothers took home the Eurovision trophy

With a cool and relaxed performance, a couple of middle aged Danish brothers won the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest. Their song, dedicated to make mature women feel beautiful and sexy, conquered Europe as quite a surprise.

Whether it’s true or not, only very few people within DR knows. Strong rumours however said that the Danish broadcaster considered pulling out of the Eurovision Song Contest after the 2000 contest. If there were any such considerations, they were immediately taken off the table after the Danish victory.

Going into the 2000 contest taking place in neighbouring Sweden, Denmark wasn’t exactly a favourite. It wasn’t until after the dress rehearsal that media started to dream about a good Danish result.

A fairytale came true

It’s almost like a fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen. The Danish middle aged brothers Jørgen and Niels “Noller” with the surname Olsen were a household name in Denmark. They had 30 years of experience. After a glorious career in the 1970’s and ’80’s, the interest in them had however started to decline. That would soon change.

The song Fly On The Wings Of Love wasn’t written for Eurovision. They duo had no intention of taking part in the Danish final once again. They had recorded a few songs and played them at a meeting with their record company. Walking out from the meeting, they found the secretary humming the tune to that specific song. They saw the sign, realised that it was catchy and went home to write a Danish version of the song. It was originally written in English, but they wanted a Danish version should it be selected for the national final.

Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (Beautiful as a shooting star) became the Danish title. It’s a tribute to mature women. They are just as beautiful and sexy as always. Not only the women fell for it though. It’s a catchy song, easy to sing along to and followed up with a cool and relaxed performance.

8 times Douze point

At the Eurovision Song Contest, Denmark scored the maximum 12 points from a total of eight countries: Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Israel and United Kingdom. Afterwards, Jørgen stated that though he was very happy for the total victory, the 12 points from United Kingdom, the homeland of Beatles, meant most to him.

With another 7 countries awarding Denmark 10 points, and only two countries; Croatia and Macedonia not giving the duo any points, they clearly became the country to beat. At the end, Denmark won 40 points ahead of Russia in second place.

In the embedded video below, enjoy the Danish 2000 Eurovision winner:

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