First rehearsals for the Big Six: Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France

The big six took to the stage today to rehearse their entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. After the semi finals produced some unexpected surprises, let’s find out what the automatic qualifiers have to offer.

First of today was the host nation, Ukraine,


The band have dropped the countdown clocks they wore at the Ukrainian final selection. Instead they are very well dressed. The lead singer is wearing a grey patterned animal type jacket, over a black shirt. He is playing his guitar along with two other guitar players, a drummer and a keyboardist.

The performance starts with a huge silvery blue sky shimmering over the stage, with blue lights on the floor.

In the middle of the stage is a massive head or face, which starts out as a solid grey rock, but soon turns blue. The eyes start flashing a light blue colour. However towards the end the eyes light up red. A fire then gets going and suddenly the whole stage is a bright red  and orange fire.

In the background a mountain extends upwards and the sun rises before the song ends. This is the most rock song in the competition this year.


Grey suit, white shirt is the outfit of choice for Francesco, and that’s the darkest thing about this performance.  The stage starts with white Nepalese images. Circles, of all colours of the rainbow project vertically on the video wall. They turn into cartoon type coloured arms. Soon, follows rainbow coloured umbrellas, which are then projected onto the floor, with the apes using them.

There are four colourful dressed backing singers. One in an orange sweater is the most striking. There are a row of coloured apes portraying the seven ages of men.Then there is the ape himself, Filippo Ranaldi, dancing around. Before long the backing singers are also joining in with the ape dance. Let’s also not forget the flying buddha’s on the screen

Without the second verse, the song just seems to be over rather quick. Before it ends a couple of animated blue dragons have themselves a quick kiss.

RAI say about the performance We must have the courage to not rest on our own certainties, but go to the unknown, just as Magellan did. The intent is not so much to discover what’s around us, but the unknown within us, which is perhaps what makes us more scared.


Now it’s off to Hawaii, with Manel and his Hawaiian shirt, which he’s distributed to his backing band of two guitarists and a drummer. They are all lined up at the beginning , ready to go. It’s early morning and the rising globe in the background is still dark.

A pulsating red and white RV gets ready to take us to the beach, while right beside it stands an all ready to go surf board. Palm trees are growing from the stage. Then there are several yellow and red beach umbrellas, very similar to FYROM’s flag.

Suddenly the coloured surf boards are flat on the stage, and Manel is singing, playing his guitar, surfing and Doing it for his lover, all at the same time. Manel’s surf board is green, while the backing band get red, yellow and blue.

As the day of fun ends, a red and orange globe of the world rises, and after too much surfing for one day, it’s time to head to bed.


What’s up Germany. A promise of something exciting on stage, didn’t materialize as Levina began the song lying on the floor.  A mass of purple is on the stage floor. Dressed in the dreariest colours, Levina’s dress is either silver or grey, while her top is either white or grey.

Flashing in the background is the most unimagined dull silver or grey colours, which really disappoints. To her credit Levina stands on stage and sings Perfect Life very well, but come on let’s not have a goal of deliberately finishing last, three times in a row.  Levina does not move at all. We believe Germany will perform 12th. Doomed. Spend some money Germany.

On the third rehearsal we were treated to the golden shower pyrotechnics.

United Kingdom

Looks like, if the graphics are correct, that United Kingdom are going to perform last on the night. Don’t take that as official yet as there may be a draw at the red carpet.

Lucie has a yellow or golden dress on. Due to the song being a ballad, there is no movement  away from the microphone whatsoever. Therefore as she sings, shooting stars are the main visual image. She seems to be standing in front of a shell like contraption, similar to Valentina in Copenhagen. Every time a note, resembles even a little bit of a beat, the stars come showering out from the stage. At one point two video Lucie’s are floating above the live Lucies.

On the second rehearsal Lucie forgets the words and has to stop. Towards the end of the song, the shooting stars become more like a volcanic fire. Pyrotechnics shoot out and by the end of the song the whole stage is a mass of yellow and gold.


Alma has just returned from the hairdressers, with her new bouffant, and is well lipsticked up. She is wearing a knee-length black dress with silver embroidery.

In the background there is a large city – Is it Paris? Alma is alone on stage and seems lost in the city. Night time arrives and there, shining like a beacon, centre stage is the Eiffel Tower. The lights shine down on Alma as she ignores the incredible sight, because she knows she is incredible too.

Lots of buildings with lighted windows are shown in the background. People are in these houses getting on with their business. A circle of lights are shown on the stage floor surrounding Alma. The ending of the song has more of a Spanish feel to it than French. That’s it kiddos, one of these songs will win Eurovision 2017. Place your bets.

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