Željko Joksimović and Tony Cetinski release a duet, Zabluda

Željko Joksimović and Tony Cetinski have been friends for many years and, during this time, they have always been thinking about a musical project together. Finally, here is their first single, Zabluda, which is a prelude to a joint concert that will take place later this month in Serbia.

Two of the most famous singers of the music scene in the Balkans, Željko Joksimović and Tony Cetinski, have released a song together. Both of them are known to the European audiences since they represented their countries at the Eurovision Song Contest. Cetinski represented Croatia in 1994 with the song Nek’ Ti Bude Ljubav Sva and Joksimović represented Serbia and Montenegro in 2004, hosted the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Belgrado, and returned as an entrant in 2012 representing Serbia with Nije Ljubav Stvar where he finished on third place in the grand final.

These two exceptional singers have decided to join forces on the song whose title is Zabluda which means Blunders. It is a beautiful ballad with a folk instrumentation. It builds gradually but the amazing melody, which is very pleasant to listen to, captures your attention instantly from the first second. Their voices sound very enthusiastic and the pace and the instrumental arrangements are superb.

Željko has been in charge of the music and the arrangements and the lyrics have been written by Luka Bulić. The music video that you can watch below was filmed under the direction of Renata Ranierria and it is beautifully simple, emphasizing the strong emotion of the song itself.

This song is a prelude to the upcoming concert that these two popular singers will perform in Novi Sad, one of the largest cities in Serbia, on the 31st of October where their fans will have the opportunity to enjoy their music live.

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Source: zeljkojoksimovic.rs, tony-cetinski.com, EuroVisionary
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