Will Europe fall in la la love with Cyprus?

Later than expected was the eagerly-awaited first Cypriot rehearsal.  Would this high energy dance track hit the mark, or is reaching for sky impossible?

As you may remember, the fans of Eurovision had a large hand in selecting this song.  It has since become a firm favourite.  The big question was whether Ivi could sing live.  The answer is yes, she can.

Ivi is joined on stage by four female dancers and one male backing singer.  The dancers were all dressed the same – black leggings with white tops and black belts – so these may be their costumes for next Tuesday.  Ivi was in black leggings and a green & white striped top.

The backdrop is of classical Greek architecture and this is reflected in the prop Ivi has on stage.  It’s a platform that looks a little like an ancient Greek altar.  She starts off the song standing on this platform with her dancers in front of her.  They carry her at some points during the song.  Ivi also switches between singing from the platform and singing and dancing on the stage.

As it’s very similar to the Greek song that rehearsed yesterday, the comparson is that it came across far better.  Ivi sang it very well and it stands a chance of qualifying.  It’s not a guaranteed qualifier but a decent second rehearsal and performance seem very likely on what we saw today.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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