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Once again it is a lot of well known names with a successful background that participates at the Danish final. Several of the songwriters have won national finals before and added that several of the singers have experienced international success it points in the direction of a very strong final, but who will win?

Song number 1: Bryan Rice – Breathing

Bryan Rice will win because his song No Promises from 2005 also became a hit outside Denmark. Many Danes will think that they remember him abroad and therefore give us some extra points on that. He has a good singing voice and a look that attracts both the female and the gay audience and a starting position as number one isn’t that bad for a Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Bryan Rice won’t win because he hasn’t been able to make a song like No Promises since 2005 and you can’t win on past success. Quite a lot of his songs remind of what Ronan Keating has been writing and since he is in it again why not go for the real thing?

Song number 2: Joakim Tranberg – All about A Girl

Joakim will win simply because the song is written by the same team as Believe Again – including Ronan Keating. Brick proved last year that you don’t need to be a well known singer to win if you just have a Keating song – and with a bit of styling they can probably also get Joakim to look like Ronan.

Joakim won’t win because the Danes don’t fall for this “Ronan Keating is a superstar and we are sure to win” twice. Ronan Keating didn’t even show up in Moscow to support the Danish song last year where Brinck also admitted that he had never met the Irish songwriter. This is seen as arrogance and the Danes will expect that Ronan will also “abandon” Joakim who is quite young and without experience.

Song number 3: MariaMatilde Band – Panik

MariaMatilde Band will win because it is one of only two songs in Danish and the Danes will think it is refreshing to hear their own language again! The two girls are quite good looking, which will also be an advantage.

MariaMatilde Band won’t win because the Danes prefer male singers. Just think about how long it has been since a female represented this country? A female duo has never won in Denmark despite quite some attempts over the years.

Song number 4: Simone – How Will I Know

Simone will win because everyone remembers the cute 14 year old innocent girl the whole country fell in love with 5 years ago: Long blonde hair, blue eyes and a shy smile that revealed that she really was as cute and innocent as they wanted her to be.

Simone won’t win because she is no longer 14 years old. She can’t continue to be the girl next door and the Danes fear that they will style her like Britney Spears to appeal to Eastern Europe. That will destroy their little princess and they don’t want her to go through that.

Song number 5: Jens Marni – Gloria

Jens Marni will win because he is from Faroe Islands and they support their own like no one else, which is how they win talent competitions on Danish TV. If everyone up their vote for him it can’t go completely wrong…

Jens Marni won’t win because the Danes are aware of what the Faroese are doing and will stand together in order to stop it. When it comes down to actual numbers they are only 50.000 people on that Island so how hard can it be? The song is co-written by Noam Halby from Johnny Deluxe. If he couldn’t win together with his own band last year he can’t win as a songwriter either.

Song number 6: Chanée & N’evergreen – In A Moment Like This

Chanée & N’evergreen will win because DR has mentioned Thomas N’evergreen to be the biggest star in Russia so they Danes will think that we will be sure to get 12 points from all the Russian speaking countries – ignoring that he didn’t do well in the Russian final last year as the Danish media won’t mention that. Furthermore they will mention the songwriter Thomas G: son to be the best if you want Eurovision-success as he has won national finals four times.

Chanée & N’evergreen won’t win because the Danes will have checked up on the internet already and realized that he isn’t that superstar in the East as DR wants to make them believe. No one knows Chanée and it will remain like that after this. Someone will whisper the Danes in the ears how many attempts Thomas G: son had to win his four national finals and they will know he is just a bad copy of their own Tommy Seebach, Keld Heick or Søren Bundgaard! And don’t forget that Swedish songwriters haven’t had success in a Danish final before.

Song number 7: Kaya Brüel – Only Tonight

Kaya Brüel will win because everyone remembers her big hit Traffic Jam. Furthermore there haven’t been any scandals around Kaya and that is rare after so many years in this business. The media will also make a big deal out of that her grandmother won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and represented Denmark in 1965 and they will think it will be cool to have the foreign commentators talking about that this might be the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kaya Brüel won’t win because Traffic Jam is from 1991 and she hasn’t had a big hit like that since. Annette Heick is the best example of that you simply just don’t win due to your parents, so why would you win due to your grandparents? Kaya is mentioned to be wearing the biggest dress in the history of the Contest and such things won’t appeal to the Danes.

Song number 8: Thomas Barsøe – Just Like Rain

Thomas Barsøe will win because the media will mention just how big a name in Asia he is. The Danes will think that Asia is equal to abroad and despite that he isn’t known in Denmark we must be guaranteed international success with him. The song is described as a feel-good song everyone can sing and clap along to and in these times with financial crisis that is just what the population wants.

Thomas Barsøe won’t win because the Danes simply don’t know him. The Danes have proven before that they simply don’t care about Swedish songwriters – and with three of them the Danes will feel invaded! They want their own songwriters – or an Irish superstar as long as he is together with some Danes.

Song number 9: Sukkerchok – Kæmper For Kærlighed

Sukkerchok will win because they had a big success on the charts after last year’s third place at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Their songs are a modern version of the 80’s Scandipop and as they dress in accordance to that many Danes will think this is refreshingly familiar. Eurovision fans will once again be reminded of Birthe Kjær and Kirsten & Søren (Hoteyes) and they will fall completely in love with it. Furthermore it can’t go completely wrong with a song written by Lise Cabble, who rarely makes something that doesn’t end up among the best.

Sukkerchok won’t win because the ‘80’s still haven’t come back –no matter how much they try! Statistics show that Denmark prefers to be represented by a male solo artist. Three girls with colourful clothes and an interesting hairstyle won’t appeal to this cold Nordic country.

Song number 10: Silas & Kat – Come Come Run Away

Silas & Kat will win because song number 10 wins the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 7 out of 10 times. That the Danes have seen Silas on TV once a week all through the autumn as one of the professional dancers in Dancing with stars will of course also benefit them. We have seen before in the Eurovision Song Contest that well timed moves can help someone who can’t sing.

Silas & Kat won’t win because the Danes are so convinced of the votes being fixed that no one will ever believe anything from DR again if it happens. DR is well aware of this and won’t dare to once again announce song number 10 as the winner! In Denmark you can’t win if you can’t sing no matter how much you move on stage.

All ten acts have things that count for and against them, but we feel quite sure that one of them is going to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in neighbour country Norway in May. Time will tell who will be waving the red and white colours in the attempt to bring back the Contest to Denmark 10 years after the Olsen Brothers last did so.

Note: The above was written before listening to any of the songs.

Source: EuroVisionary
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