Tom Dice Gets Two Invisible Backing Vocalists in Oslo

This year Belgium will be represented by Tom Dice. He will sing the ballad Me & My Guitar. He will get the support of two backing vocals, but they won’t be visible on the stage in Oslo as the song doesn’t allow more people to get involved besides the artist and his guitar.

During the TV presentation Een song voor Tom Dice, the young Belgian artist, was already surrounded by two backing vocalists, but they weren’t visible as they sang backstage. "We considered it as a test to see if the audience would notice it, and they didn’t", says Björn Verdoodt, head of the press unit of broadcaster één.

It was important to see if the audience would notice Tom was backed up by two vocalists as the song is about the artist, Tom Dice, and his guitar. "We already have two backing vocalists in mind, but we are not going to communicate their names as their contracts haven’t been signed yet", concludes Verdoodt.

Source: Eurosong.Be
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