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3JS for the Netherlands in 2011

It was already anounced Lena will be representing Germany in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Today the Dutch representatives for the 2011 contest were introduced. 3JS, a band from Volendam, will perform a Dutch song. This year Sieneke performed ‘Ik ben verliefd’ for the Netherlands, but it didn’t turn out to be a success. Next year the… Read more

Lys Assia for Switzerland in 2011?

84-year-old Lys Assia, who won the first Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956, wants to return to the competition next year when the contest will be held in Germany. Assia thinks she can get Switzerland back on the Eurovision map. This year Swiss entrant Michael von der Heide ended last in the second semi-final. His… Read more

Lena wants to defend title in 2011

Stefan Raab gave an interview to journalists from the German newspaper ‘Spiegel’. Raab was Lena Meyer-Landrut’s mentor. The German TV entertainer prepared Lena in the months before the Eurovision Song Contest. Raab is very proud of his protégé and asked her to defend her title next year. Stefan Raab was extremely happy with Germany’s victory: ‘Lena… Read more

Alyosha: ‘Germany’s win was a bad surprise’

After all the points were given, some of the finalists commented on the winner and their own result. Alyosha from Ukraine, who finished tenth, was not amused with Germany winning the Eurovision Song Contest. N’Evergreen from Denmark was happy for Lena, but had hoped to win the contest. Alyosha performed a song with a message.… Read more

Tom Dice: ‘Better than expected’

Tom Dice, the Belgian entrant of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, admitted to be exhausted after this fortnight of rehearsing, giving interviews and performing on stage. He is very pleased with his sixth place in the final. The fact he won the first semi-final easily, is an extra bonus for the 20-year-old Belgian. Tom Dice… Read more

Josh: “I’ll move, But I Won’t Dance in Oslo”

Josh Dubovie is the youngest solo artist at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The United Kingdom entrant is one of the five participants having immediate access to the final on the 29th May. Josh doesn’t know whether that gives him any advantages. In an interview he revealed some details about how his performance in Oslo… Read more

MaNga Recorded New Version

This year, Turkey will be represented by the rock group, MaNga. They will perform the song We Could Be the Same. Today, the new version of the song was released. The Turkish entry now rocks more than ever and seems to be ready for the Oslo challenge in May. Belgian producer and musician, Hans Francken,… Read more

Safura from Azerbaijan almost drowned in video shoot

Last weekend Safura, the artist representing Azerbaijan in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, worked hard to shoot the video of her song Drip Drop. For the 17-year old it was her very first music video shooting. Nothing special except the fact she nearly drowned. Safura has got a lot of talents and interests. She won the Pop… Read more

Eighteen countries to appear at Dutch promo concert

After the successful edition last year the Dutch city Zaandam will host the second ‘Eurovision in Concert’ on the 24th April. It is a promo event where at least eighteen participants for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will perform their songs. The Lexion Venue in Zaanstad nearby Amsterdam will be the scene of this year’s… Read more

Tom Dice Gets Two Invisible Backing Vocalists in Oslo

This year Belgium will be represented by Tom Dice. He will sing the ballad Me & My Guitar. He will get the support of two backing vocals, but they won’t be visible on the stage in Oslo as the song doesn’t allow more people to get involved besides the artist and his guitar. During the… Read more

2006be Kate Ryan – Je t’adore

In 2006 Kate Ryan was one of the favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. But Belgium didn’t get further than the semi-final. For a lot of journalists and Eurovision fans this was one of the biggest surprises ever in the contest. Read more

Teddy Scholten passes away

On April 8 former Eurovision Song Contest winner Teddy Scholten passed away at the age of 83. Scholten suffered a brief ilness and is the fifth winner of the contest who died after Andre Claveau, Jean-Claude Pascal, Grethe Ingmann and Frida Boccara. Teddy van Swieteren was born on May 11, 1926 in Rijswijk, The Netherlands.… Read more