Three more acts revealed for Melodi Grand Prix 2012

The line up for the semi final heats of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix is starting to fill up very nicely, and it certainly looks like NRK have been doing their job thus far. Three more names have now been made known, bringing the total up to 16 acts so far of a total of 24. Another major name is among the latest three acts to join the fold.

Programme host Per Sundnes is probably rubbing his hands with glee, as the rock group The Carburetors have been confirmed as one of the latest acts to take part in next year’s selection. The band promise to give fans just what they want – hard, catchy rock and a stage show bathed in pyrotechnic effects, keeping in line with the title of their entry Don’t Touch The Flame. Although an unknown name in Norway, the band are no strangers to performing live, having played at major festivals such as With Full Force, in front of 55,000 spectators. They summarise their entry as being a guitarled rock song with a singalong chorus and that all important key change towards the end.

If we are to believe Sundnes, then the next act to be announced are a group for connoisseurs. Håvard Lothe Band are the next act out, a four piece who will be performing a song about fatherhood, which has yet to be named. They have garnered a lot of critical praise for their work, releasing two albums in Norway. The band have also appeared on the NRK talent show Kjempesjansen and have even held a private concert for Sir Paul McCartney! The fourpiece have also experienced the jetset lifestyle of true popstars, having performed at a prestigious chinese festival where they recieved the red carpet treatment before performing before a crowd of 80,000!

Lise Karlsnes is a well known name to most Norwegians who have an average interest for music. She has many hits to her name from the time when she was the front figure of the band Briskeby who set the charts alight with huge hits such as Propaganda, Cellophane Eyes and Wide Awake in the early noughties. Their music can best be described as savvy contemporary pop. Sundnes is by all accounts thrilled to have Karlnes on board, commenting on her participation as "This is major, the pinnacle of the MGP mountain! Lise is without doubt one of Norway’s most stylish and sassy ladies, who will give Norwegians a fantastic show." According to the programme host, NRK have been trying to snag Karlsnes for quite some time now. The star made her debut as a solo artist in 2010 under the moniker Lise of the Woods, releasing the singles Red Hot and Forty Nights. An album entitled Dance or Die is due for release in 2012. 

Source:, EuroVisionary
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