Taking a closer look at the new versions released for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

As we approach the 60th Eurovision Song Contest more countries reveal new versions of their songs in order to impress and persuade the European public to give them the victory in the Grand Final of the contest. We take a closer look at the many new versions.

Some Eurovision participating countries have released newversions of their songs which will compete at the contest in Vienna, Austria next month. Some made minor adjustments, others larger changes and some again released their song in a new language. Let’s take a closer look at the new versions that have been released one month before the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Italy:

The famous trio Il Volo with their pop opera Grande Amore is currently second in the bettings and many people believe that this will be Italy’s year in the contest. Grande Amore was selected by RAI after Il Volo’s victory in Sanremo 2015 music festival. The original song lenth’s was 3.44 minutes which collided with EBU’s rule of maximum three minutes. That the song has now been cut down to.

Listen to the new version of the Italian entry.  

  • Ireland:

Molly Sterling released the final version of her song Playing With Numbers also this week. There aren’t a lot of changes in the song. The song starts off the same way as the original version with Molly’s voice coming in along with a piano, and continues like the original for the first verse. The first changes can be spotted in the first chorus where we hear some drum flourishes and cymbal crashes. The orchestral accompaniment builds with strings giving the song a climax. The way the new version is built reminds of Panagiotis Koufogiannis’s ballad in the Cypriot national final Without Your Love.

Listen to the new version of the Irish entry.

  •   Lithuania:

With Lithuania we hadn’t heard the studio version before this video release. Vaidas and Monika sing their song infront of different couples and we can see their reactions. Lithuanians hope that their video will help them reach the final once more time.

Watch the official music video clip for the Lithuanian entry.  

  •  Greece:

Maria Elena Kyriakou decided to reveal the Greek version of her song One Last Breath to the public at the party OGAE Greece held last week. The Greek lyrics are written by Vaggelis Konstantinidis who also co-wrote the English lyrics of the song. In Greek the song is titled Mia Anapnoi (one breath). This year the Greek song haven’t had any airplay on Greek radios, but maybe this Greek version will change that.

Listen to the Greek version of their entry

  • Portugal:

Just like with Lithuania, Portugal didn’t have a studio version available. When it came, it was first published on Leonor’s official page on Facebook however it is now also available on YouTube. 

Listen to the Portugese entry

  • Serbia:

Bojana Stamenov is the first Serbian represantative in Eurovision Song Contest that will not sing in her native language. Despite the fact she won the Serbian national final Eurosong 2015 performing her entry in Serbian, she decided to change the language of Ceo Je Moj to English so she will sing in Vienna "Beauty Never Lies. However Serbian and English wasn’t enough for Bojana who recently released a Spanish and a French version of her entry.

Listen to the Spanish version of the Serbian entry.

Listen to the French version of the Serbian entry. 

Source: EuroVisionary, Eurovision.tv
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